Que Faire au Cap Ferret
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Le Cap Ferret : best destination for short breaks and vacations.

This trendy and preserved place is located on the French west silver coast. Just one-hour drive from Bordeaux, the world’s wine Capital as well as an UNESCO world heritage site.

The peninsula of Cap Ferret is this narrow part of sand and pine forests that form the west part of the Bassin d’Arcachon, a well-known sea resort since the nineteenth century.

le Cap Ferret Vue aérienne Sophie Juby

le Cap Ferret
Vue aérienne Sophie Juby

The place long remained underdeveloped and devoted to oysters farming. Therefore it has kept most of its charming cottage wood villages and unspoilt sandy beaches. Today’s urban regulations preserve the landscape from massive constructions. The « Bordelais », the inhabitants of Bordeaux, were the first to discover the peninsula and build there their second home.

Nowadays, the place is highly fashionable and attracts all the French « bobo » (bourgeois bohemian), lots of Parisians looking for an authentic place, French movie stars in search of quietness and other successful businessmen. Nevertheless the earlier inhabitants remained, oyster farming is even growing with the success of tasting places. This creates an uncommon social melting pot that embodies the core spirit of Le Cap Ferret.

Le cap Ferret  village ostréicole Photo Sophie Juby

Le cap Ferret
village ostréicole
Photo Sophie Juby

How to reach the place

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport is located between Bordeaux (12km) and Le Cap Ferret (60km).

Trans-Atlantic passengers or passengers from other continents will generally arrive in Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport. So, from CDG, you must catch a plane to Bordeaux Merignac.

There, you can either rent a car or take the bus, line 601. Journey time is approximately 2 hours. The cost is €2,5.

Things to do

Take a boat to the Dune du Pyla.

Climb the Europe’s highest sand dune; experience a daytrip in the Sahara in France.Walking up and down, jumping down gives incredible fun.The view on top is just amazing !!!  In front of you lays a wonderful sandbar: le banc d’Arguin where locals organized sunny picnic boat trip.

Photo sophie juby. LA dune du Pyla

Photo sophie juby. LA dune du Pyla

le banc d'Arguin. Photo Sophie Juby

le banc d’Arguin.
Photo Sophie Juby

la dune du Pyla Photo sophie Juby

la dune du Pyla
Photo sophie Juby

la dune du Pyla.  photo sophie juby

la dune du Pyla.
photo sophie juby

Visit the Oyster villages: Le Canon, l’Herbe, Le Cap Ferret.

Discover the traditional oyster farms. Try it for lunch. Producers offer lovely tasting sea-front terraces where you can eat dozens of oysters and wash this out with a local dry white wine.

Enjoy the Atlantic coast

Sandy beaches provide many spots for nice seaside jogging, long walks, picnic and romantic evening duo.
Good waves allow the surfer to practice most of the year. Jumping to the waves will be a great fun for the younger.

Climb the 258 steps of the lighthouse.

The only lighthouse of the bassin d’arcachon and obviously the iconic monument of the Cap Ferret needs to be visited.
The reward, the breathtaking 360° view on the top: la dune du Pyla, le bassin d’Arcachon.

Shop at the morning market.

Indoor, you can find the typical products available in a French market (cheese, fruit, meat, bread, vegetables, fish).
Outdoor you will find an open-air market, which is taken over by vendors selling clothing, furniture, and general bric-a-brac.
If you’re not in the mood to cook, or don’t have the opportunity, you can stop by at the stand where dozens of chickens are slowly being rotisserie roasted over a pan of golden potatoes.
The market is open every morning in summer and every Saturday morning all the yearlong.

le marché du cap Ferret. Photo sophie juby

le marché du cap Ferret.
Photo sophie juby

Enjoy a nice meal at Pinasse Café:

a seafront restaurant with a spectacular panoramic view of the Bassin d’Arcachon and the Dune du Pyla. There you can enjoy fresh and modern style food. Try the « presqu’île flottante » an old-Fashioned French dessert wonderfully updated by the chef: Emmanuel Goncalves.
Floating island is made of egg whites served floating on a milky custard sauce, the famous crème anglaise.

La fameuse presqu'île flottante de Pinasse Café

La fameuse presqu’île flottante de Pinasse Café

Those are  absolute must-see places but the list can easily be enlarged by adding  l’île aux oiseaux, le domaine de Certes, Arcachon and of course the visit of the magnificent Bordeaux and its countryside wineyards.


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