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Half term seaside break in Cap Ferret : last swim of the year and Marathon day

Short breaks are so cool over here. In october swimming is not so comfortable but still a great experience on sunny days. In fact, there are many other things to do in our small paradise.


Midday temperatures allow you to have a rest doing nothing, sunbathing on the beach while the teens enjoy their first sailing lesson. Let’s get the kids out.


If you prefer to stay busy, you have all the charming cottage wood villages to visit, Piraillan, Le Canon, l’Herbe et Le Cap Ferret. Have a nice lunch break in a Oyster farm. Producers offer lovely tasting waterfront terraces where you can eat dozens of oysters with a local dry white wine. In the evevening, enjoy the hottest restaurants : the Pinasse Café for the land and sea cooking of the chef Pascal Nibaudeau or try the authentic spot Chez Hortense, where you’ll eat delicious wildcaught grilled fish.


You can also jog the unspoilt sandy beaches or climb the 258 steps of the lighthouse, the only one of the bassin d’Arcachon and obviously the iconic monument of the Cap Ferret. The reward on the top, the breathtaking 360° view : la dune du Pyla, le Bassin d’Arcachon. The more active choose the Marathon des Villages week-end. It starts on saturday by a 12Km walked accross the wood and the villages, nice way to discover the local sceneries.


The day after, a classical Marathon is to be done alone or shared in a duo. The 42km go through beautiful forest paths, authentic fisherman villages and offer high technical difficulties like the 40 steps of the sand dune hill in the Village de l’Herbe. It comes at kilometer 39 so you have to run smart.


photo Site officiel Marathon des Villages


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